To give an answer to the question of which flower is the most beautiful in the world is impossible, however, there is a list of top ten flowers that are considered the most beautiful. Flower Delivery Ireland will help you to educate yourself on this matter.

Rose – Roses are considered the most beautiful flower in the whole wide world. These magnificent flowers are perfect for expressing emotions like passion, beauty, love, faith or honor.

Orchids – There are over 25,000 species of orchids and they are considered to be the largest flowering plants on our planet. They vary in size, time of living and they are most known for their huge variety of colors.

Tulips – With 150 different species, this flower comes in all colors, the only exception being pure blue. It is considered the most popular flower in the world.

Lotus – If you like muddy shallow waters, you will be able to see a beautiful aquatic flower called lotus. Buddhists consider it to be sacred and it has a wide range of meanings. The most prominent four would be grace, harmony, purity and divinity.

Gazania – Gazania loves the sunshine. It helps it grow and it mostly grows in South Africa. The second name for it would be a treasure flower. It almost looks like a daisy except it is much more beautiful.

Water Lilies – Growing only in freshwater, water lilies are considered the queens of aquatic flowers. These gorgeous flowers will grab your attention with a single glance.

Dahlia – Hailing from Mexico, dahlia will leave you speechless with the variety of sizes and colors.

Bleeding Heart – Standing as a symbol of love, this pink colored magnificent flower will leave you in awe from the moment you lay your eyes on it.

Bird of Paradise – With a name like bird of paradise, you do not even need an explanation of what this South African flower looks like.

Cherry Blossom – If you love Japan, you know that the most popular flower is Japanese sakura or a cherry blossom. This flower means the arrival of spring.